We are a small agricultural engineering company in rural north Devon, and about three years ago when faced with the “what to get the wife for Christmas” problem my husband made me a “egg skelter”! I now have all my eggs in order of lay and always use the oldest first. We hand-made 100 of them to sell (to “share the joy”) and we sold out in three days!! Since then, we’ve made and sold over 22,000 egg skelters.

The Egg Skelter is made of powder-coated steel and will hold up to 24 hens’ eggs. We have made a bantam version, with help from a lovely bantam owner who gave me some eggs to roll to get the size right!

Egg Skelters are now available in 11 fabulous colours (to view images of the differently coloured egg skelters, move your computer mouse cursor over the bands of colour, below):

. . . as seen on “River Cottage” and “Kirstie’s Homemade Home” (Channel 4 tv), and in “Country Living”, “Home Farmer”, “Practical Poultry” and “Fancy Fowl” . . .